Monday, August 3, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

We arrived "home" in Indiana at Mamaw and Papaw Lee's Friday night. In normal fashion after the barrage of hugs and kisses, the four-wheelers were fired up and the fishing poles baited for the pond. Thus, once again, the Lee offspring turned loose on 40 acres. How liberating to be set free from the confines of American suburbia!

Saturday was a highlight as Mamaw and Papaw treated the kids to Disney's High School Musical On Stage at the Derby Dinner Playhouse in Clarksville, IN. For those of you that know your history of basketball rivalries you will note the pardox of the Wildcat (Kentucky) logo on what could be an Indiana uniform. Of course, the real question is where the cheerleader's hand is on Kavan's back (side?), noted by the look of uncertainty on his face.

And speaking of highlights, Lori and I celebrated 18 years of glorious matrinomy on Saturday night as well. We went to a restaurant called the Melting Pot, which was a unique fondue dining experience. Our anniversary is actually today (August 3rd), which marks not only 18 years but 6,575 days as well. Needless to say, I am a blessed man.

Sunday was probably our busiest day which began with a photo shoot before church, noted above by the picture of the grandkids with their smiling grandparents. After church we had a potluck of sorts, at home, with several family members coming by as well as my first pastor and his lovely wife, Rev. Morris and Anita Larimore. They are truly wonderful people.

At any rate, Dad is at work today. Mom just left taking the kids for a picnic in the country, and Lori and I will soon join them. Tomorrow it's off to Illinois, our final "stop" before we begin.

Blessings to all,
The Lee Clan

P.S. We learned Saturday morning that a friend from our church in Columbus was killed in a motorcycle accident Friday night. Josh Picard was 32-years old and had just returned from the National Training Center in California. Josh was a 2nd Lieutenant stationed at Fort Benning, and would have deployed later this fall. Remember his wife Angie in your prayers as well as their entire family.


  1. Sounds like a fun family time! Happy Anniversary! Brad, it looks like you've done something different to your hair since the last time we saw you ... are those highlights? maybe frosted tips? ;) Great family photo!!

    So sorry to hear about your friend. His family will be in our prayers.

  2. Happy Anniversary to both you and Lori, Brad! Gosh, it is just AMAZING how kids grow. You would think I would be used to it, having three that grow like weeds in a swamp myself, but gosh, nobody in that photo can rightly be called a baby anymore. Enjoy your time at home, and travels to Alaska. :)

  3. Well holly was being nice ...
    Dude you look old!
    So happy for your AK assig.
    I am heading to C4 in the Fall.
    Just a few year late - from the deal Father B put forth - looks like I will pin during C-4 :)
    It will really hurt leaving - I love AK - but Holly reminds me she has had x2 as many winters as I in Fairbanks - kids cry'n gotta go - peace

  4. Lori is sooo gorgeous! I love this new family pic that you have at the top. Congrats on 18 wonderful years together! Jim and I are celebrating 10 this weekend :)

    Thanks for sharing your journey, and I'll be praying for safe travels ;D