Friday, July 31, 2009

The Journey of 4,000+ miles begins with...Chic-Fil-A

I'm sitting in the camper near Manchester, TN, along I-24. The children are awake and rambling about, anxious for the day's journey to begin again. I'm still amazed at how blessed we are as well as how technology has changed the face of camping. Our 26 foot metal box (its actually fiberglass) is complete with electricity, a refrigerator, a stove, a microwave, running water, complete with a kitchen sink, a bathroom sink, a shower (my favorite part!), and even an outside faucet (hot and cold) for hosing down the kids if they're too filthy to enter the fiberglass sanctuary! The campground we're staying at is a KOA along the interstate and less than a mile from Starbucks. Our "neighbor" laughed as I returned and fumbled to open the door juggling two latte's and my filled thermos with nectar of the gods, otherwise known as Pike's Place blend.

At any rate, the journey has begun. We left--for good--our rental home at 1320 hours yesterday en route to Atlanta where we dropped off my car for shipping to Alaska. At approximately 1800 hours we ate our "last supper" at Chic-Fil-A near Cartersville, GA, no doubt in the top two of our favorite dining exploits while living in the South. (Note picture above.)
Well, despite enjoying the modern conveniences of camping, not to mention the central air-conditioning which is cranked right now at a comfortable 70 degrees, my Starbucks, and free wi-fi, I have to get ready and re-connect the camper for the day's journey. More to come in the journey ahead.
Blessings to all,
Brad, Lori, and the Clan


  1. LOL, you have a way with words, Brad! We miss you all already :(

  2. How fun! You are making the opposite trip that we will be making in a few months as we RV from Alaska to SC. Take lots of notes for us!! I can't wait to follow your progress. Any chance you will swing by Fairbanks on your way to Ft. Rich?