Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Morning from Haines Junction and the Kluane Range

Good morning from our stop here at Haines Junction where the temperature is currently 37 degrees. Above are a couple of shots overlooking our "residence" with the Kluane (pronounced kloo-WA-nee) mountain range in the background. And yes, those white patches in the upper valleys are snow. The long white strip along the top of the mountain is a cloud patch. Although there are prettier mountains, this is a pretty cool sight to wake up to.

Well, the morning bustle hasn't quite begun yet, although Marissa is up enjoying the raspberries that we picked yesterday. Lori and I are moving slow as we stayed up too late looking at houses online as we anticipate our soon arrival in the motherland. We are currently three hours behind most of our family. Upon our entrance into Alaska, we will once again "gain" another hour making the time differential of four hours between us and the East coast. Thanks again for your continued prayers as this has truly been a great trip so far. More to come with our next planned stop in Tok, Alaska, which will put us 328 miles from our final destination. Blessings to all.
The Lee Clan

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