Monday, December 21, 2009

Organized Chaos or Chaotic Organization

As if our renovation weren't enough to deal with, last Friday we had our household goods delivered. And as our military friends know household goods delivery day is stressful and exhausting. Add to that our recent Alaska weather and the hill that we live on and that made for an interesting day. We picked last Friday as according to the long range forecast that was the warmest (high of 20) day in the 10 day window. Not to mention there was hardly any snow forecasted either. Once again, my theory that meterologists are more accurate in restating yesterday's weather than forecasting tomorrow's holds true! Within approximately a 72 hour period we had somewhere between 20-24 inches of snow on the hill where we live. Thankfully, my plow handled our marshmallow world of snow quite handily. On moving day itself however, the high was 2 degrees. So much for the long range forecast. And given the logistical challenges the moving company encountered the first box did not get unloaded until around 2:00 p.m. Needless to say, it was a long day for us and them, but we do have all of our household goods now which now means that instead of a fiberglass castle we now live in a cardboard castle!
Although life has been busy with the house, homeschooling, the Army, hockey, and snow removal (noted above), we have managed to maintain a few of our meaningful family traditions. We attended our annual Nutcracker ballet performance in fine fashion on the first Sunday of Advent no less--notice our non-trailer trash attire! And speaking of Advent, boxes or not we now have a living Christmas tree noted in the background as we lit our own Advent wreath on the fourth Sunday of Advent!
Blessings to all this Christmas season,
Brad, Lori, and the Elves

An Emerging Kitchen

It's been a while, and it's been a long ride. I liken it to riding a bull but for much longer than 8 seconds and the bull doesn't throw you off, rather it just continues to toss you aloof. Occassionally, you end up on top of the bull, but more often than not the bull just seems to drag you along. At any rate, as you can see from these pictures it seems that we may have the bull by the horns for the first time, at least upstairs. The kitchen should be fully functional just in time for Christmas. The downstairs was just sprayed and textured today, but that's a good thing as it should mean that we'll be painting over Christmas! And that means carpet sometime around the New Year!!!

With Yuletide Cheer,
The Lee Family