Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting There

Just a quick note and pictures to update our progress. In our last blog I showed a picture of Chainsaw Tom as he was doing his work. At top, his creation: Bob, the moose (the girls named him and would rebuke me if I failed to mention that detail). For those of you that will come to visit us, you will be greeted by Bob as you enter the driveway. The bears are named Koda and Chestnut, and greet visitors as they walk up the front steps. If you recall previous pictures, the new additions now "live" where spruce trees once resided that have now been put to better use! And as you can also see, the ground has now turned to magical white as the kids have immediately enjoyed the nice slope in the front yard.
In the other pictures you can see the house is coming along. The drywall crew is in full swing and should be here today to begin sanding--Yuck! But that's a good thing as not long after sanding comings spraying and painting. And not long after painting will come carpet. And after carpet will come shouts of joy as we frolic in our bare feet down the hall to the bedrooms where slumber will occur in a real bedroom! In fact, the children have now officially moved to the garage for their sleeping quarters. The low on Friday got down to 3 degrees so Mom and Dad decided it was time. Good call as last nights low was -5. Mom and Dad however, continue to survive sleeping in the camper until said carpet arrives. More to come.
Blessings to all,
The Lee Clan