Sunday, August 9, 2009

Next to Nothingness

The rest stop some 100 miles ago was in the middle of nowhere, at the junction of two "major" two-lane highways. One car with a lone traveler from Florida quickly left and we had the place to ourselves. There was hardly any wind. I stood watching Reba take care of business, without a leash I might add which was very liberating for both of us, and wondered if my game bird of choice, the wary ring-necked pheasant, might be watching us from a safe distance. Though to drive through this state is likened to being in an episode of the Twilight Zone, there is an endearing element to the stillness and the seeming serenity found in the daze of driving nearly without having to turn the wheel. Corn, beans, hay, hordes of sunflowers, and even more corn seem to beckon the attention of the passer-by as if to subtlety welcome those of us from the hustle and bustle of life elsewhere. I drooled at the ducks that seemed to displace half of the water in nearly every lake and pond that we passed. North Dakota, in its own right, clearly declares the majesty and creative design of a Divine Creator. (Editorial note: A refreshing respite from the tree-hugging liberal mire that we were seemingly steeped in during our stay in Minneapolis! And did I mention it never got above 75 degrees the whole day?...)

1820 hours. We arrive at the Minot KOA, barely two miles south of Minot, ND. A quite, quaint, campground. Noted above are the children attempting to set up the TV and Nintendo Game Cube outside. It worked out nicely although they later broke out into gymnastics in the ND grass! Ninety miles to Canada tomorrow morning. Passports in hand. Current temperature at 2330 hours is 59 degrees. No Starbucks but Harry and David's "Moose Munch" brew coffee will work just fine!
Phrase of the day: "I can't believe how well we're getting along...Let's skip the movie and spend some quality sister time together" (Marissa speaking to Shayna over half way through the days trip).
Blessings to all,
The Lee Clan

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