Monday, August 17, 2009

Where the Water is always warm...Liard Hot Springs

From Summit Lake we ventured on our shortest drive of the trip, 241 miles on our way to Watson Lake, Yukon. Along the way, and certainly a highlight of our trip, we stopped at the Liard Hot Springs. I'm inept at the moment to offer scientific explanation but the springs are a natural hot spring with temperatures ranging from 108 to 126 degrees within the pool. The hottest point of the pool--the 126 degrees or so--is where the water bubbles into the pool. The water cools somewhat as it begins to flow downstream where temperatures are more tolerable, especially for the kids. Lori and I ventured to the initial point and "touched the rocks" where the water is hottest, a feat which now distinguishes us among other ALCAN travelers. I understand that and two loonies will get us a cup of coffee at any stop along the way. At any rate, our experience as a family in the hot springs was beyond delightful and made the trip worth the effort to that point alone. And no, we did not see the problem bear noted in the second picture as we attempted to walk up to a higher point of the springs!
There were ample buffalo along the way after leaving the springs as well noted in the middle picture. And if you look in the mirror, no I did not have both hands on the wheel Mom! Actually, Lori did as I snapped what I thought was a decent picture despite the presence of the mirror. The other animal is a stone sheep, which are indigenous wildlife along the wildlife. Lastly, you will note our ultimate arrival to the Yukon Territory--Woo Hoo! Only 30 miles from Watson Lake, which I will get to hopefully tonight. Right now, the routine is in full swing and it's time to get moving. Blessings to all. Next stop, Haines Junction.
The Lee Clan
Phrase of the Day: "I don't need to go pee, I went last night" (Kavan exclaiming to his mother at her urging for him to utilize the washroom).


  1. Great pictures, Lee family! I'm glad ya'll are having a great time, and that is quite a beard you've got going on there, Brad {lol}!

  2. I just got caught up after our 10-day Alaska RV trip. I loved being without computer or internet the WHOLE time, but I'm sure impressed by how well you have kept your blog updated! Nice job! Sounds like a full and exciting trip so far. I can totally understand the heavenly peace of the early morning before the Wild Things rise. So great camping with kids! Can't wait to hear more.