Sunday, August 9, 2009

From Danville to Minneapolis

We are well on our way now. Leaving Catlin at 0628 Friday morning, we traversed the 540+ miles to Minneapolis where we have stayed two nights. More on Minneapolis in a minute.
Before leaving Danville, I should mention that we were blessed to spend a couple of hours with some very dear friends, Jack and Linda Carder (pictured at the bottom left). We have known them ever since I did my student pastoring at their church during college. Jack and Linda own an island--literally--on a fairly secluded lake in Northern Ontario. We have been privileged to spend more than a few vacations with them there. Time does not permit me to express how endearing they are to Lori and me, and just how much our brief visit meant as well.

Minneapolis, home of the "Ogre" (if you've seen the movie Shrek you'll understand) and his lovely girlfriend Tara. The Ogre's real name is Huck Finn, yes that's right, Huck. Huck and I served together in the 1-501st Parachute Infantry Regiment. One of Huck's distinguishing accomplishments is having gone without a shower longer than anyone else I know during combat. At any rate, Huck is a dear friend and brother in Christ and it was our joy to spend the day with him and Tara yesterday, Saturday, 8 August.

In the second and third pictures we were atop Tara's apartment in downtown Minneapolis. Note the Minneapolis skyline in the background--no it's not one of those wall photos! Kavan's solo picture is standing along a dinasour at Legoland at the Mall of America. Big place! And the two chefs (top picture), Tara and Shayna, are indeed using real knives as Huck and Tara bought all of the ingredients for us to make our own pizzas!
Again, time does not permit me to reflect on how special Huck is and what a blessing it was to see both him and Tara. More on that later.
Well, no time to drink coffee today, at least not in the camper. We'll have to utilize the thermos. We're preparing to wake the younglings and begin the days journey to Minot, North Dakota. Blessings to all. More from ND!
The Lee Clan.

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