Saturday, August 29, 2009

AAAHH...Alaska: Home, At Home, and Buying a Home!

So sorry for the lag in time since our last post, but the Fort Richardson Black Spruce Campground lacks wireless internet service. The nerve! At any rate, much has happened in the little more than a week now that we have been here.
Above, the children at home with the Scott family. The top picture denoting the result of dress-up with Aubrie, now a school teacher but former baby-sitter for the girls during our last stint in AK. At least Kavan wasn't wearing a dress! The very bottom picture is the kids making cookies with the Scott's other daughter, Megan. Picture number #2 shows my "chops," of which the family is glad they are now gone as I have officially signed in for duty at Fort Rich. And of much interest is picture #4, which shows our "new home," at least we're hoping so as we have a contract and now await a VA appraisal and the other minutia of detail involved in purchasing a home. More to come on the house but upon closing we will move our camper to our new front yard and continue to live in it while we begin some much needed renovations!
Blessings to all and thanks for your continued prayers as we continue to transition to Alaska and Army life once again!
The Lee Family


  1. Thanks for the update! Sounds like things are going pretty smooth. Welcome back!!!