Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Over Half-Way There!

Somewhere between Saskatoon and Edmonton, we reached the halfway point between Fort Benning, GA, and Fort Richardson, AK. Above is our beloved afghan flag as we entered Alberta, less than 150 miles from Edmonton.
We arrived at the Glowing Embers campground yesterday, 11 August, at 1600 hours giving us enough time to make an evening trip to the West Edmonton Mall, which claims to be the largest mall of its kind in the world. Our main stop was the indoor amusement park, Galaxy Land. Unfortunately, the batteries in our camera were dead so we have no visual proof that we actually went there. Aside from that, the girls enjoyed the roller coasters while Kavan and I enjoyed the the four-story plus play place. In fact, he did not want to leave or even ride anything else. For that matter, neither did I! Marissa and Shayna joined us for a while as Tara and Mommy went shopping. In fact, Tara was actually "too big" to enter the play place and was denied entry! I sat and chatted with an older lady that worked there while the kids played on the lower level for a few minutes. My mind raced to the past when she asked if we had ever been there before. I briefly told her of our first move to Alaska and how we had enjoyed the Edmonton Mall the first time. In my mind I could see Tara, days from turning four, and Shayna two, barely big enough to climb through the tunnels and netting on their own. Marissa was three months old and Mommy sat with her while I played with the other two. Kavan wasn't even an intention at that point. And now, 2009, on our way again. Shayna and Marissa made their way through the maze of tunnels and netting like adept monkeys. With no training Kavan wasn't far behind and quickly caught on to the intricacies of playing here. And now, my first born "little girl," was too big to even play on this play place marvel. And even at the risk of being too sentimental, even I managed to be a kid again despite my knees and elbows reminding me they are not!
Well, once again the morning solitude has been broken by the gradual awakening of the small herd of offspring. And there is even more energy stirring in their bustling about our 26-foot fiberglass palace as today we return to the West Edmonton Mall! This morning will find us ice skating at the NHL sized rink in the Mall. And later this afternoon we'll embark upon the indoor water park that is phenomenal in size for an indoor facility. And the batteries in the camera are charged today! More later.

Phrase of the day from yesterday: "Mom do you have a kleenex? (Mom: No) Well then I'll just have boogers in my nose! (Marissa declaring her plight while in a store to the amusement of undisclosed passer-bys.)
Another one that I can't resist: "Did you just soil yourself?" (Tara addressing one of her siblings who will remain nameless while in the Burb somewhere after the above picture was taken.)

Blessings to all,
The Lee Clan

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