Saturday, October 31, 2009

Of Moose and Men

I'm attempting to make use of my "extra" hour of sleep tonight by blogging and attempting to catch up a bit on our progress. As many of you know by now, we finally own our house, or at least made our first mortgage payment this past week. As you can see however, we have quite the mess and are not yet living in the house. The 26 foot metal castle is still our nightly solace for slumber and functions as the galley for our regular vegetating and sustenance. Our "schoolhouse" is temporarily in the garage by day. Beyond that, we have tried to make life as normal as possible given our circumstances. We have had some interesting visitors recently. Mother moose and her young adult offspring paid us a visit a little more than a week ago. Kavan and I stumbled upon them in our woods while gathering firewood that we had previously cut. We quickly made our way back to the front of the house where Tara and Marissa were washing the Burb. I had all of the kids climb into the back of my truck where they could see and eventually both creatures ventured across the lawn stopping to check out both the Burb and the camper. Needless to say, it was quite the exciting moment to have had our first moose visit, although we had noted tracks in the garden spot just a couple of weeks before. Speaking of moose, the top picture is Chainsaw Tom. Space limitations do not allow me to add any more pictures but I promise we will soon show the amazing work of Chainsaw Tom and the new wildlife additions to our premises!
Blessings to all,
Brad, Lori, and the Clan

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  1. Wow! We sure do miss all of you. I think of you so often, and pray that homeschooling is the experience you all hoped for. I look so forward to more updates from a few of my favorite people. . .these are so wonderful and lessen the miles ;D Give the whole Lee clan our love!