Monday, May 4, 2009

Love My Precious Family!

It is lazy Monday, my day to do close to nothing (well, maybe laundry) after a busy weekend! We had a great weekend! My Grandpa and his wife Joy visited us this past weekend on their way back to Illinois after spending a few of the winter months in Florida at Joy's house. They got here Friday night as we were surprising our kids about the soon coming Disney trip. (Can't you hear the high-pitched screaming at I write!) Needless to say the house was wild and crazy for a while after they arrived! We had a relaxing Saturday with a little yard-sale time for Brad, the Grandparents and girls, and then out for Georgia BBQ for lunch! yum! We watched the KY Derby that evening and then had some family singing time around the piano! We had to practice for Sunday since our Pastor was out of town and we were in charge of the Service that day. We even had Grandpa sing two songs with us in the service and boy was that fun! He does awesome for an 80 year old, I must say!!! I love him so much, and he has been such a Christian example to me over the years of my life. Thank you Grandpa!!! I am so glad that my children have had the wonderful opportunity of knowing him as well and listening to him sing, and pray! What a true blessings!

Brad also got to preach the message yesterday and it really touched me I must say. (He doesn't get the opportunity to preach much in this program he's in.) He brought a sermon on the Prodigal Son, but gave a couple of angles that I hadn't really thought much about. If anyone wants to take in the service at Harvest Faith you are welcome to at Just click on Sunday services and then the date that you want to see. (I don't guarantee the sound quality!) And yes, they left the song specials on there that we sang right before the sermon and at the very end. You can see my precious Grandpa!!! Oh, and Shayna played her piano solo! Our Pastor's wife is her teacher so she had scheduled her to play a recital piece that day.

I just want to say, don't take your precious family for granted! Make life long memories with them and love them with open arms as the Father loves you!!! May you have a blessed day today!


  1. It was a wonderful service, and your family is such a blessing!

  2. Amen Sista! Can't wait to watch it. :)