Monday, December 21, 2009

An Emerging Kitchen

It's been a while, and it's been a long ride. I liken it to riding a bull but for much longer than 8 seconds and the bull doesn't throw you off, rather it just continues to toss you aloof. Occassionally, you end up on top of the bull, but more often than not the bull just seems to drag you along. At any rate, as you can see from these pictures it seems that we may have the bull by the horns for the first time, at least upstairs. The kitchen should be fully functional just in time for Christmas. The downstairs was just sprayed and textured today, but that's a good thing as it should mean that we'll be painting over Christmas! And that means carpet sometime around the New Year!!!

With Yuletide Cheer,
The Lee Family

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That kitchen looks absolutely stunning! Congratulations on the long 'bull ride', hehe. That analogy made me chuckle ;D