Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zippity Doo-Dah!!!

I have less than succeeded at my intentions to consistently update our family blog. Be that as it may, hockey is over--now we can actually watch the NHL playoffs--the kids are on home school spring break, and I'm on leave as well. Our latest venture, as you can see, is the installation of our very own and first, Zip Line! I had promised the kids last fall when we bought the place that I would eventually put in a zip line. With a little help from our tax return, Walah! And for those of you viewing from the lower 48, yes that's still snow on the ground, 12-18 inches depending on where you're standing. Temperatures are warming however, as today was in the upper 40's, but we are anxious for the day when the snow is finally and completely gone.

In other house news, the remaining two bathrooms have now been drywalled, sprayed, and textured, and now await the application of paint. Our bathroom will take a bit longer as we again delve into the tiling of our shower. Be that as it may, the end of our renovation is actually in sight! Spring is here, sort of, and the fish will be running soon. The ice is still on the lakes however, but I did kill my first mosquito of the year today! Looks to be a good year for them so bring your repellant if you plan on coming our way. Blessings to all!

The Lee Family


  1. Well, congratulations on your zipline, Lee family! Boy how we miss you! The kids were talking about the Lee kids just yesterday, so please tell them Michael and Matti say hi. We are awaiting orders after Career Course, but I believe we probably won't be leaving. Just know that we think of you all often, and pray for our cold friends up north. . .way up north, ;)

  2. Steve is totally jealous of everything ... the zip line, the snow, the trees, the mountains, the moose. Looks like fun!