Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life on Scooters Drive

Pictured at left is Marissa 'helping' me change the oil in the car. If only I could get her to do the transmission too!

At right is Kavan sipping coffee...

Actually he had just commented that the Presidential candidate representing the incumbent party has not won an election when the Dow was down 5% or more in the month of October in the 20th century. Not bad for a 2-year old, eh?

Tara is all smiles as hockey season starts tomorrow night. Yeah, baby, yeah!!!

At right are all of the offspring during a recent "Art Show" event held in our home in the upstairs "lounge." Mom and Dad were given "money" with which we could buy selected pieces, barter and haggle for others, and some masterpieces were noted as "not for sale." My kids' imaginations and their creativity ceases to amaze me, not to mention their ability to drive a hard bargain. Wonder where they get that from?

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